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Risk Analysis

You probably know how it feels when there are three or five things that could utterly destroy your life right now, and those things all depend on trust. The most disgusting gambit that humanity has invented, one which never lets you un-think it, un-do it, forces you as the days go on to trust. The best thing about life is the ability to forget and the ability for each potential life crushing truth to lessen as one approaches revelation, then subsides, so, sinks to the bottom of your concern, so that as you avert this one danger it is as if there was no danger or ever will be again. They all flow like that, depending on the various configurations of people and situations.


Inner voice, cancer voice

He could feel himself smiling but he didn’t recognise those muscles stretched up like that, pushing the cheeks into the eye sockets, the air on his large front teeth, eye’s slightly watering now is there a look of terror in the eyes or are the eyes going along with it?


A small tale of a newly wedded man

Three weeks after the wedding, no honeymoon, just simply three weeks going on living together, no honeymoon because they didn’t have rich parents, they paid for the wedding themselves, all of it, and they wanted one of those “wedding” weddings so they paid $100 per person and bought dresses and a place a photographer and cars and all of that cost thirty thousand dollars, so it was home after work like usual, oh, they did stay in the Hilton the night of their weeding but they got to their room at 1 ah em and had to be out by ten and the bride wasn’t happy about that so the groom tried to get a late check out but the guy at the front desk said “Sorry sir”



You are loose change
You are able to be given away
You are malleable
You are not smart enough
You are bought
You are able to pay
You are in the club
You are good looking
You are not included
You are unaware
You are a part of the problem
You are the problem
You are gorgeous
You are amazingly gorgeous.
You are ready to go
You are drunk and it’s lovely
You are lost in the world
You are a child of this reality
You are what you are
You are simply delicious
You are naked now
You are laughing, throwing your head back
You are not aware of where you are
You are in a pool now
You are naked in a pool
You are you and I am leaving now before anything happens to you whereby I will be questioned.
You are having fun.


The small tale of an unemployed friend

Michael’s cash problems got worse when he stumbled upon online gambling, after he quit his job, that is. He’d been living off credit cards for about a month, he’d put on about ten kilos, he masturbated about three times a day, on a good day


The small tale of a dentist

The man in the red shirt sat outside across the street my apartment for the third night running not worried that he was staring right into my eyes every time I looked out through the small crack in the bathroom window. Not worried that I was either pissing or brushing my teeth or something each time. Not worried that I had the light on or the light off. Going to sleep I thought, of course, for comfort, that he wasn’t looking at me and had nothing to do with me at all.



I removed her soft childlike skin
From her thick meaty muscle carcass
Pulling it back
Cutting away at her blood vessels
With a sharp scalpel.
When you love someone you set them free.

Her face came away easily
And looked nothing like her
On the floor.

I used her phone
To call her new boyfriend.
We talked
But he didn’t know me.

I cannot love anymore
I will not love again.
I took a long shower
And I could only think of my mother
That time she stepped over me
In the hot bath
And I saw her vagina open up
That ungodly hole.

It’s funny
How the smallest thing
Stays with you.


The Sex Tourists

At night the streets in Manila change very little. There are still all ages wondering around smiling and generally still being very awake. It’s comforting, that it is not night time or daytime or anytime. You can walk into any store and they’ll still try to sell you their stuff as if it’s midday.


Adam and Eve (no escape)

The snake curled it’s tail in a way that it flicked just the tip on her clit and she felt that laser shoot up inside her a little bit and she squirmed back away from it and the snake curled up into a ring and, sleeping, let the sun bathe on its skin.